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HB | Diamond Daze by Floral-Fire
HB | Diamond Daze
Name: Diamond Daze
Nickname/s: Diamond, Dia, Daze, or Dazey
Gender: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Age: 22
Birthday: 13th June

Talent: To put it simply, Diamond Daze's special talent is anything to do with money. She is good at saving, counting, securing, earning, and most of all, spending money. 
Cutie Mark: Glowing Heart with a Gold Coin. 

Occupation: Diamond Daze works in Hippocampus Bay Bank. 
Location: Hippocampus Bay Private Estates.

Pet/s: Precious the Sphynx 

Personality: Stubborn | Glamorous | Bitter | Protective | Generous |  Focused | Secretive | Bratty | Helpful | Kind | Party Animal | Materialistic
Likes: Expensive Items, Cats, Jewellery, Make-Up, Neon, Glow-in-the-Dark, Loud Music, Cleaning, Shopping, Wild Parties
Dislikes: Fancy Events, Her Business Uniform, Judgemental Ponies, Wearing No or Little Make-up, Getting Wet or Dirty, A Dirty House, Being Proved Wrong, Second-Hand Items, Reading, Cooking

Hobbies: Partying, Puzzles, Giving Makeovers, Spa Days

Family: Amite Assurance (Father), Quartz Strike (Mother), Amethyst Amaze (Sister), Topaz Trance (Sister)
Special Somepony/?: Trium Trip

Diamond Daze was born into a high class family with two older sisters. From the moment she was born, Diamond was expected to be the best. Her parents were both respected ponies, and they expected their daughters to be the same. Diamond's two older sister's were constantly praised for following in their parents hoofsteps, Diamond however, had a rebellious streak from day one. 

Diamond Daze began sneaking out of her parents home pretty early on in life to hang out with the 'lower class' ponies as her parents would call them, where they would play and be typical colts and fillies. Her parents quickly cottoned on and forbade her from seeing her friends. Diamond was growing into a typical grumpy teenager by this point and was still without her cutie mark. 

In one act of rebellion, she discovered her calling. Diamond was invited out by a friend to go to Manehatten for a weekend. Knowing her parents would never allow her, she went anyway, taking some of her parents money with her. After a long weekend of shopping, Diamond Daze's parents tracked her down, and were horrified to discover she had spent most of the money she had taken, as well as having gained her cutie mark.

Whilst on her shopping spree, Diamond hadn't simply splashed her bits. At each potential purchase, she calculated how much the item cost, what it would leave her total at, and whether she would be able to afford anything else. Despite the fact that most of the money was now gone, Diamond had proven she could be responsible with money...sort of.

Her parents however were still fuming and told Diamond Daze it was time for her to move out of the family home. Her regular acts of rebellion were becoming too much. Barely fazed, Diamond moved out and to the new seaside town of Hippocampus Bay. She lives in the richer part of the neighbourhood with the money her parents gave her to get started, and she now works at the local bank with her calculating skills. 

  • Her relationship with Trium Trip is a secret as she fears other ponies will judge her for being with someone like him. 
  • Has to cover up her make-up for her job. 
  • Round, chubby muzzle type.
  • Well defined rump. 
DoC | Hide and Seek by Floral-Fire
DoC | Hide and Seek

Scene from an RP with DragFairy with our characters Maxwell and Sonja. Max has recently run away from home and during his time is found by Sonja, who informs him to leave her territory! ;o; 

To everyone I'm RPing with, I'm getting to all my RP's today! 

I kinda ship these two <3

+1 Kibble for Maxwell

Max and Art belongs to me.
Sonja belongs to DragFairy 
DoC | Gabby Hypo Pup Meme by Floral-Fire
DoC | Gabby Hypo Pup Meme

I said I wouldn't use Vegas for this since I used him for the Ship Meme... but oh well! |D I'm really happy with how these guys all turned out!

Vegas - Xandrium 

Felix - Weasele 

Ronnie - Chipo-H0P3 

Xerxes - Born-Rose

+2 Kibbles for Gabby

Characters and Designs belong to their rightful owners!
DoC | Jase by Floral-Fire
DoC | Jase

31/10/2015 - My new baby for DoC! I'm hoping I can get him in by November! Adopted this gorgeous boy from Olaffles and I can't wait for him to officially join! I've actually had this done for ages, but didn't want to upload it until he's official but I'm just so proud of it! Look at him!!! :love: Info coming soon!

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