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Here is the list of animals we are looking to trade/sell:

:bulletred: Female Bengal Tiger
No Artwork
Asking Price: Either an animal from my wanted list or 4,000 ZD or 400 points (SHE IS AN ENDANGERED ANIMAL SO OTHER ENDANGERED SPECIES ARE PREFERRED FOR TRADES!)

:bulletred: Female Giant Panda
No Artwork
Asking Price: Either an animal from my wanted list or 4,000 ZD or 400 points (SHE IS AN ENDANGERED ANIMAL SO OTHER ENDANGERED SPECIES ARE PREFERRED FOR TRADES!)
Kiribian at 10,000 page views, and also a special something for my 100th watcher <3

ORZPA was once a popular zoo in it's former glory days. Unfortunately due to financial difficulties, the zoo had to be sold. Many of the animals were sold on or put down due to having no one to care for them any more. Until recently that is. A young budding group of entrepreneur zoo keepers decided to band together and save the zoo and the stunning land it's situated on. In the Southern English countryside, it is possible to see local wildlife on the grounds too. The zoo is still regaining it's feet with few animals in the collection so far, but with the welfare and conservation at the main focus points, ORZPA is assured to come once again to it's full glory, bigger and better than before. 


Brown Hyena Exhibit

This exhibit currently houses a young female and older male Brown Hyena, the rarest of all the hyena species. We hope to breed these and have a family group of Brown Hyena at ORZPA, and hopefully publicise the species more, and in the future, return individuals to the wild. 

Brown Hyena - F
Brown Hyena - M

Tall Beauty's Exhibit

Currently, Tall Beauty's is home to our single female Gerenuk. We hope to add companions for her in the near future and also Reticulated Giraffe.

Gerenuk - F

Tiger Exhibit

Whilst we one day hope to house a breeding pair of Siberian Tigers, we have a female Bengal Tiger in the exhibit currently, who we hope to breed and release her offspring back to the wild.

Bengal Tiger - F


Jaws Exhibit

The Jaws exhibit shows off some of the most beautiful creatures in the ocean, Sharks and Rays. Trying to educate the public away from the movie franchise, Jaws shows the public how sharks are not maneating killers, but gentle animals who should not be discriminated against. We currently have a breeding pair of endangered Scalloped Hammerheads, which we hope to breed and move on to other collections. Rehabilitating these to go back to wild is much more difficult, but we're looking into it. 

Scalloped Hammerhead - F
Scalloped Hammerhead - M

Wanted Species

Bald Eagle
Blue Wildebeest
California Sea Lion
Fennec Fox
Wolf (Maned, Ethiopian, or Red)
Honey Badger
King Vulture
Nile Monitor
Sable Antelope
Blacktip Shark
Bush Dog
African Lion
Clouded Leopard
Galapagos Tortoise
Komodo Dragon
Reticulated Giraffe
Secretary Bird
African Wild Dog
Green Sea Turtle
Indian Pangolin
Malayan Tapir
Pygmy Hippopotamus
Siberian Tiger
Snow Leopard
Bactrian Camel
Crested Gibbon
Javan Rhinoceros
SotF | Snarltooth by Floral-Fire
SotF | Snarltooth


Basic Information

Current Name: Snarltooth 
Name Meaning: Snarltooth was first named Snarlkit for his loud, deep wailing as a kit straight from birth, and also in honour of his missing uncle, Feralsnarl, who was a brave, noble warrior, something his mother hoped he would turn out to be. Upon becoming a warrior, he was given the suffix of 'tooth' for his courageous efforts in battle, his ferocity and his fearlessness. The fact he has a protruding canine is a lucky coincidence. 
Previous Names: Snarlkit, Snarlpaw
Nicknames: Snarly, Fang, Toothy

Sex: Male
Gender Identity: Male (he/him/his)

Age: 30 moons (3 years old)
Birth Season: Mid-Summer

Physical Information

Breed: Siamese X Bengal X Maine Coon X Japanese Bobtail

Body Type: Snarltooth is a tall tom cat with muscle rippling all over his body. He has a broad chest whilst his torso is more slender and lean. He has long legs, and large ears, giving him the impression of a much taller cat. He has a longer tail than most which helps his balance making him a good climber. His most defining feature is that lion-like tufted tail though. 

Fur Description: Snarltooth has very fine, silky fur, meaning he definitely feels the cold more in the winter than others, however in the height of summer, he can stay out in the sun a lot longer than others. His chest fur is more scraggly and unkept as is the 'mane' like feature on his neck, and also his tail tuft.
He is ginger in colouration with a darker shading on his back. He has dark bengal rosettes covering his body which have lighter dusky cream centres. He has dark rings around his tail and a white face, chest, legs, and tail tip. 

Eye Description: He has a darker shade of sky blue colouring his irises. They are not bright but almost like a deep lake, easy to get lost in.

Scent: To the non IceClanner, he smells like a regular IceClan cat. However to his Clanmates, he has a much deeper rustic scent of pine needles and hot dust. 

Basic Description: A ginger spotted tom with blue eyes and a lion-like tail.

Voice: TBD
Example: TBA

Clan Information

Clan: IceClan
Bloodline: Half Clan - 50% IceClan 50% Unknown

Rank: Deputy
Previous Ranks: Kit, Apprentice, Warrior

Mentor: Suncloud - A mostly white and ginger she-cat with bright yellow eyes.
Apprentice: None
Past Apprentice/s: Pebblefrost - A grey she-cat with white and black speckling and aqua-green eyes. 

Family Information

Mother: Floravoice - A pretty ginger calico she-cat with sky blue eyes and a lion-like tail.
Father: Snowlight - A white tom with yellow eyes and a stumpy tail. 

Siblings: Daisyflame - A ginger calico she-cat with yellow eyes. 
              Badgersnow - A mostly white tom with ginger patches, blue eyes, and a stumpy tail.
              Wolfpaw - A cream and brown tom with aqua blue eyes. 

              Minnowpaw - A silver tabby with blue eyes and a lion-like tail. 
              Fruitpaw - A white and ginger tom with yellow eyes and a stumpy tail. 
              Shellpaw - A light brown spotted she-cat with blue eye and a lion-like tail. 
              Huskypaw - A silver spotted she-cat with a stumpy tail, and one blue eye and one amber eye. 
              Redpaw - A ginger and white tom with amber eyes and a lion-like tail. 
              Timberpaw - A ginger spotted she-cat with a stumpy tail and amber eyes.

Maternal Grandmother: Pantherspot - A dark grey spotted she-cat with deep indigo eyes.
Maternal Grandfather: Desertwalker - A dusty brown tabby tom with blue eyes. 

Maternal Aunts: N/A
Maternal Uncles: Feralsnarl - A dark ginger spotted tom with dark blue eyes. 

Maternal Cousins: N/A

Paternal Grandmother: Swanfeather - A pretty white she-cat with yellow eyes.
Paternal Grandfather: Shrewflight - A creamy-brown tom with moss green eyes and a stumpy tail. 

Paternal Aunts: Stormflower - A dark brown she-cat with black markings and yellow eyes. 
Paternal Uncles: Oakfall - A light brown and white tom with green eyes. 

Paternal Cousins: N/A

Mate: Mountainlily - A fluffy torbie with aqua green eyes.

Kits: N/A

Sexual Information

Mate: Taken

Orientation: Hetreosexual

Activity: Ask Mountainlily :eyes:

Turn On's:
  • Sweet, bubbly personalities.
  • Fluffly, cuddly fur.
  • Complex coat patterns.
  • Adventurous
  • Motherly
  • Basically, Mountainlily!
Turn Off's:
  • Arrogance, and vainness. 
  • Overly slender she-cats.
  • Rude, and lazy.
  • Unloyal to the Clan.
  • Doesn't like his humour. 
  • Basically, not Mountainlily!
Shippings: Snarl X Mountain

Personal Information

Adventurous | Ambitious | Bold | Brave | Charming | Childish | Confident | Fatherly | Loyal | Natural Born Leader | Proud | Opinionated | Over Protective | Rash | Sensitive | Stubborn

Ever since kithood, Snarltooth has always gone out of his way looking for adventurous and sometimes even trouble. Whilst being outgoing and explorative is good, it can lead to trouble sometimes, but he is not so adventurous to cause harm to his Clanmates. He is a like a big kit himself. He loves to play with the kits of the Clan and his mate will often joke that if they were to ever have kits, she'd have an extra one with Snarltooth. Because he is so playful and loves the fun parts of kits, he's not the best discliplinary to kits and often lets them get away with things they shouldn't be doing. 

Being Deputy comes with ambition. He wouldn't be there if he wasn't ambitious, whilst he strives to better himself each day with his duties and so on, he would never dream of his ambition taking him down a darker path. He is a natural born leader, even as a kit he would lead his siblings to their next adventure. Now this quality is used more for his duties as deputy and his leader and the whole Clan can trust him with certain tasks. Snarltooth is also very confident, which he can sometimes get a little cocky with. Whilst confidence is good in a cat of high position, he is also very opinionated, which doesn't mix well. When he believes he is right he will stick that no matter if the whole Clan disagrees. He can also be very proud. Not in such a bad way, more like the fact he likes to show off his mate and family, and the accomplishments he and his Clan have done at Gatherings. 

When it comes to battle or any other situation for that matter, Snarltooth can be bold and rash. Not thinking things through and charging into battle is one of his serious faults, but he's working on it. He can be a little sensitive about his family, and some cats know this and taunt him in order to get rash response. He is extremely over protective of his family and mate, not so much in a controlling sense, but if your talking to someone who 'doesn't look right' by StarClan are you gunna hear about it! He's also very stubborn at times, in arguments or when he believes he is right he will not back down, and if he does so it will be very begrudgingly to either a member of his family, his leader, or his mate. He is brave however though, and isn't afraid of a sticky situation or a particularly bloody battle, he will not shy away and will fight for IceClan whatever the costs. Being Deputy, it goes without saying that he is very loyal to both his Clan, his family, and his mate. 

Of course it goes without saying Snarltooth is a very eligible tom, and rather attractive. In his younger days and whilst he was an apprentice he was rather flirtacious and flirted with most she-cats he laid his blue eyes on. Nowadays, now he has found his true love, he puts all his charming behaviour into making his mate feel special. This ranges from bringing her flowers to romantic evenings watching the stars. He loves his mate with all his heart and will strive to keep her happy as long as he lives. 

Historical Information

Before Birth
Snarltooth's beginning started with a a beautiful IceClan she-cat. Floravoice had always been admired as one of the most beautiful cats in Iceclan, though she was very shy and quiet, so no one knew a lot about her. Many toms had tried to woo the pretty oriental, but none had ever suceeded. The only cat she really talked to was her brother, Feralsnarl.

Of course, the she-cat did want kits one day, she dreamed of nothing more than to start her own family, she just hadn't found the love of her life yet. Floravoice enjoyed taking long walks to clear her mind of Clanlife sometimes. On one of these particular walks, the she-cat wandered into the neutrel territory between IceClan and MarshClan. As she was about to leave, a voice called her. Whipping around she was met was a tall, handsome white tom cat. Originally scared of what he might do, Floravoice tried running, however the tom was as fast as she was and insisted he did not want to hurt her. 
It was no lie that the two cats were attracted to each other, and Floravoice talked more to him than she did her own Clanmates. The tom's name was Snowlight, a senior warrior of MarshClan who could have made it to Deputy one day, but he sacrificed his duties to see the pretty calico more often, as did Floravoice. 

It wasn't long until their romance was deep and true, and the couple were expecting kittens. Because of Floravoice's shy nature, no one suspected that she would of gotten herself into a Cross-Clan relationship and so thought it must of been one of the IceClan toms who were to be the father of her kits. A few moons later, Floravoice was the mother of 4 healthy kits. 

Snarltooth was second born into a litter of four. His litter mates were called Daisykit, Badgerkit, and Wolfkit. Life as a kit went fairly normally for the five siblings and they were as happy as kits could be! Though they din't know who their father was at the time, this knowledge didn't bother the five so much, especially Snarlkit. He shared a special bond with his mother, the other queens thought it was because he held a striking resemblence to Floravoice's brother, who went missing some time ago. 

Snarlkit was very adventurous, and often lead his siblings into heaps of trouble, but where was the fun in staying in the nursery?! Soon enough though, they didn't have to stay in the nursery, as their sixth moon had arrived. 

Snarlkit was so excited to become an apprentice, it was everything he had ever dreamed of! He put everything he had into his training and indulging himself into becoming the best warrior. Snarlpaw was given a new warrior as a mentor. A she-cat called Suncloud, she was a very nice she-cat but she could be a bit soft sometimes, which Snarlpaw asn't a fan of, he wanted to be able to push himself. 
At the end of each day the siblings would gather to share some freshkill and share their training stories of the day. It was early on after their apprentice ceremony that they began to notice they did not see as much of their mother anymore. This affected Snarlpaw more than it did his siblings, as he loved his mother dearly. But he just concentrated on his training more. 

Into his apprenticeship, Snarlpaw formed a strong friendship with a new apprentice by the name of Mountainpaw. She was a tubby little thing with mountains of fluffy fur covering her. Snarlpaw loved her dearly, but only as a friend however, not knowing that his best friend had a secret crush on him. Snarlpaw was growing up and quickly learnt that the other female apprentices had an eye for him, as did he for them. He was a natural flirty little thing and relished in the attention. 

Snarlpaw's younger sibling Wolfpaw had decided to follow their mother one night, in hopes of finding where she had been all this time. Daisypaw and Snarlpaw had tried to get him to stay but it was no use. The young red tom was determined and out into the night he went. It wasn't until the morning when a patrol came in carrying his lifeless body did they realise he never actually found her. Floravoice was heartbroken and began to stay in IceClan more to be with her children. It was around this time that Snarlpaw began to notice his mother's belly getting plumper. 

Whilst his warrior ceremony was supposed to be a happy occasion, Snarlpaw couldn't help but feel saddened, his brother should be with them too and so should his mother, who was in the nursery caring for her newborns. Snarlpaw still managed to keep his head high though, as he was named Snarltooth for his efforts in battle. His brother became Badgersnow and his sister became Daisyflame.

His new siblings were called Minnowkit, Fruitkit, Shellkit, Huskykit, Redkit, and Timberkit. Snarltooth loved his little siblings dearly, and enjoyed spending time with them and his mother.

It was shortly before Mountainpaw's warrior ceremony, that she went missing. Snarltooth was heartbroken, he had lost his best friend, the one he always confided in. After this Snarltooth began to distance himself from most cats and only flirted with other she-cats to take his mind of things, and of course he had time for his little siblings.

It had been several months since his warrior ceremony and Snarltooth was proving to be a great, loyal warrior. He was hard-working and very reliable. There was talk that he'd make a good deputy one day, but he was still fairly young. One day, Snarltooth was on a solo patrol near the neutrel territories where he heard a sweet chiming sound. Curious as to what it was, he followed the source of the sound where a young fluffy cat came into view. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was his Mountainpaw! Excited, the tom cat came crashing out of his hiding place to meet his friend, scaring the wits out of Mountainpaw. After talking for some time, Mountainpaw told Snarltooth how she had been taken from the territories and had been put in a twoleg home as a kittypet, which her pink collar showed. After some time, Snarltooth convinced his friend to join him back in IceClan. During this time, Snarltooth began to realise his true feelings for the she-cat. She was no longer the tubby little apprentice, she was now a fully grown she-cat with beautiful flowing fur.

Mountainpaw came back to IceClan with him, now named Mountainlily. And it wasn't long before the two confirmed their love for one another and became mates. It wasn't long after this that the old leader died, with the deputy Ebonyfrost becoming Ebonystar. When it came to choosing her deputy, Snarltooth had always thought he'd make a good deputy, but later on in life when he was more experienced. So when Ebonystar called his name it was a shock to say the least. But he was happy nonetheless and took on his new role with great honour and pride.

Snarltooth has only become Deputy recently, and is still learning. Though he is proving to be a fantastic attribute to the Clan.  

More to come as he is roleplayed...

Statistical Information

Strength: ●●●●●●○○○
Attack: ●●●●●●●○○○
Speed: ●●●●○○○○○
Endurance: ●●●●●●●●●
Tactics: ●●●●●●●○○○

Swimming: ●●●●○○○○○○
Hunting: ●●●●●●○○○○
Climbing: ●●●●●●●●○○
Stealth: ●●●●●○○○○○

Medicinal Knowledge: ●○○○○○○○○○

Belief in StarClan: ●●●●●●●○○○

Relationship Information

:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: = Platonic/Friend/Familial Love
:bulletyellow: = Respect
:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: = Admire
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance
:bulletblue: :bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good Friend
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: = Best Friend
:bulletpink: = Attraction/Crush
:bulletpink: :bulletpink: = Romantic Love
:heart: = Mate
:bulletblack: = Uncertainity
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: = Uneasiness
:bullletred: = Discomfort/Dislike
:bulletred: :bulletred: = Hate
:bulletorange: = Irritated/Annoyed by
:bulletorange: :bulletorange: = Jealous of
:bulletwhite: = Indifferent
:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: = Fear


Mountainlily | Mate | Warrior | DancingfoxesLF 
:bulletpurple: | :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: | :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: | :bulletpink: :bulletpink: | :heart:





Extra Information







Theme Song: 

Roleplay Information

[From Beat-of-the-Stars, between Snarltooth & Mountain]
Snarltooth shied away as she pointed out his fang. He covered it with his paw, blessing a blood red against his bright ginger pelt. 
"Stupid tooth" He growled humorously.
He wrapped his tufted tail around her rear end, offering more support for the fluffy she-cat. His ear flicked as he noticed her unsheath her claws. He leaned in towards her, his muzzle caressing her ear. 
"Just like when we were apprentices" He murmured, as soft as silk. 
He chuckled as she mentioned her bell. 
"Noticed it? Mountainpaw I could hear you from another Clan away!" He exclaimed, though a thought crossed his mind, "I'm guessing you go by just 'Mountain' now?" 
At her comment about the rogue life being unsafe, he snorted. A rather rude sound though he didn't mean it to be. 
"I can look after myself just fine darlin'" He growled soothingly, his lion-like tail tip flicking with the breeze. 
As quickly as she had tried to be protective, the she-cat began to squirm. A snake she said? 
He bit his lip, trying so hard not to laugh. The terrifying snake in her...was nothing more than a little frog.
Putting on his most brave face he stated, "Keep still Mountain, the venom from that snake could kill you!" 
Carefully he nipped the frog's back leg and pulled it from her back.
A smug look on his face as he presented the 'snake' to her, his eyebrows raised in an oh-so charming way.

RP Ratings:

Always open to these RP's. Through any type of method. 

We will have to discuss how far we both think PG-13 is until it becomes M. These RP's should be done through notes, docs, or Skype. 

Open to these sometimes, depending on availabilty. Again these should only be through notes, or Skype. 

RP Methods:
It depends on the person who I'm roleplaying with. I have to trust you in order to RP like this, this is due to some bad experiences in the past. 

Google Docs 

Docs is my favourite method of roleplaying, I will 99% say yes to a Docs RP unless I'm very busy. 


My second favourite RP method. Like Docs, I will always say yes to a notes RP unless I'm very busy. 

Chat tends to play up for me, so asking me first would be ideal and if chat is working then by all means!

I find comments very messy and easy to lose track of, therfore I don't RP this way. 

Featured Artwork & Literature



Art & Character (c) Floral-Fire 
Group (c) Paa-bean 

DoC | Gabriella's Ship Meme by Floral-Fire
DoC | Gabriella's Ship Meme
EDIT: I couldn't resist making more hypo pups <3 and this guy I'm in love with <3

Finally got around to doing this for Gabs! Really like how it turned out ^^

1. Vegas! Gabs isn't really the type to have a relationship but if she did it would be with someone like Vegas, hard-working and loyal, and not crazy like some of the other Junkyardians! Plus I just love their chemistry, I think they fit well together <3

2. I'm so in love with Cami <3 She's a total sweetheart, but I think being raised in the Junkyard would make her a very hardened character. Fur and tail like Vegas, but with Gabs floppy ears <3
Polar on the other hand would be a complete goofy, fluffy' sweetheart <3 I can see him being caught by dog catchers and quickly adopted out to a nice family <3

3. Ares! Being so hard working Gabs could never be with someone like Ares! She'd get so annoyed |D

4. Shep X Blue <3 I love these two so much, I love his seriousness and her playfulness <3

Gabs, Cami Design (c) Me
Vegas (c) Xandrium
Ares (c) Atroquine
Shep (c) warpugs
Blue (c) sourlemonfox

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