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DoC | Maxwell by Floral-Fire
DoC | Maxwell

31/08/15 - My boy's now a Juvenile! Gosh they grow up so fast :')
06/06/15 - So excited I got this little boy! So many plans for him! Now I'm not sure if this guy is free or I have to pay kibbles for him since I technically I only have Gabby since I exited my other two, Admins if you could just let me know that'd be great!

Name: Maxwell (MAX - WELL)
Nickname/s: Max, Maxi 
Breed: Border Collie X English Shepherd X Siberian Husky 
Height: Juvenile Height: 15" Adult Height: 23"
Weight:  Juvenile Weight: 28lbs Adult Weight: 60lbs
Age: Juvenile
Gender: Male
Orientation: Too Young
Altered: No

Faction: Farm Faction
Rank: Omega
Task: N/A
Family: Star (Mother), Tyler (Father, Deceased), Marcus (Brother), Ava (Sister), Evelynne (Sister)
Mate: None

Color: Red & White Irish
Defining Features: Maxwell definetly resembles his Border Collie roots more than his husky lineage. His body, ears, tail are that of a working collie, but his thick, fluffy fur tells of his Siberian Husky father. Can be seen wearing a dark brown leather collar with gold buckles. Very fluffy cheeks, ears and chest. 


Affectionate | Timid | Submissive | Eager | Daydreamer | Clumsy | Playful | Generous

Maxwell is quite the shy individual, and a bit of a nervous nelly! He's not like your typical border collie and isn't always the most hyper, boisterous pup around. He is a lot calmer than most farm dogs, and much prefers warm cuddles with his mother and siblings. He's a very loving little guy, always one for hugs and kisses with his humans. He loves to play with other dogs, just not quite as rough and tumble! He prefers a quieter game, despite the fact he's grown out of his big puppy paws, he's still pretty clumsy! 

Max is a very submissive dog, he could never be a leader, he doesn't really have the back bone for it! He's not at all challenging either, he doesn't mind being bossed about really! He's always eager to impress others however, a true Border Collie gene, he loves both human and dog attention, and will work hard for it. 

Maxi is also quite the day dreamer. He can be often found sat by himself, looking into the horizon. His head is always in the clouds! He's also a very giving dog, and will not hesitate to help someone in need. 


Pre-Group History:

Maxwell was born into a litter of four to his single mother Star. His father was killed shortly after him and his mother had mated, protecting Star and her flock from a pack of coyotes. It wasn't long after that Star found out she was pregnant with her litter. 

Maxi had the fairly usual puphood, full of fun filled adventures on his mother's farm. He loved all his siblings dearly, but he had a close bond with Ava in particular. She understood he wasn't as fast or strong as the others, and always let him win in games. 
There was one thing that they couldn't stop though, and the one thing Max always dreaded. Leaving his mother's home. Star assured her second born son that he would find a nice home with a lovely master, Maxwell still didn't want to leave though. 

Soon the day came where all the pups were sent off to there new homes. A nice older man picked up Maxi in a rusty old red truck. He seemed nice, with a hearty chuckle and a stubbly chin. On the way to his new home, Max whined the entire trip, but the man sang to him, which helped his nerves. 
Maxwell was to be a herding dog on the man's estate, where he bred rare sheep breeds. He was also an attempt to get his daughter to like dogs, as his son had just left for University with his own dog. 

His daughter's reaction was not the greatest. She avoided the young dog as much as possible, barely even acknowledging him. Max was becoming more and more lonely by the day. He was missing his siblings and his mother. 

Group History: 

Born to Star (Part 1)
Born to Star (Part 2)
Adopted by the Palmer Family (Future Story)

Kibbles Count: 

June: 5/8
         - Joining | +2
         - New Starts | +1 
         - DoC | Maxwell Species Meme +2

July: 3/6
       - DoC | Maxwell Gender Swap Meme +1
       - DoC | Jump On In +1
       - DoC | Make You Proud Ma +1

Current Total: 8 Kibbles


Dappleton | Mint Miao Introduction Meme by Floral-Fire
Dappleton | Mint Miao Introduction Meme

I had a lot of fun doing this! Besides the fact Minty blends into the background a little |D Minty why you so green?! I tried to be more like the MLP style and I really like how it turned out! ^^

I don't think much needs explaining, Miao's done that for himself |D But if you have any questions just comment away ^^

Sorry butchering Floret's, Curly's, and Charming's designs though guys |D

Mint Miao + Art (c) Floral-Fire
Floret (c) Quailmix 
Curly Clip (c) FeatherySpirit
Charming Heart (c) MatrixPotato 
Dappleton | Mint Miao Character Catalogue by Floral-Fire
Dappleton | Mint Miao Character Catalogue
Bits Log

Total Earned: 6
Joining Application +2
- Character Catalogue (You are Here) +2
Introduction Meme +2

Total Spent: 2
- Accessory (Glasses) -1
- Accessory (Apron) - 1

Current Total: 4
Dappleton | Mint Miao by Floral-Fire
Dappleton | Mint Miao

Name: Mint Miao
Pony Type: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Cutie mark: 3 muddy animal tracks. 2 Paw prints and a bird track, with several brown dots surrounding.
Talent: Care and Nutrition of Animals – particularly exotic species.

Occupation: Exotic Pet Shop Owner. Mint Miao owns a specialist pet shop dealing with the care of the slightly more unusual pets! He is also produces his very own special animal feed!


Socially Awkward | Sensitive | Passive | Intelligent | Neat | Dependable | Nurturing | Gentle | Chivalrous

Being a stallion that is constantly surrounded by his animals, Mint Miao is not the best in social situations with his own kind. He’s not shy or anything like that, it’s more of a case that he tries too hard to be liked, which can make the recipient feel a little pressured perhaps! Miao is a sensitive soul, and can take the simplest comment the wrong way. If he was in in a conversation, and his friend had to leave, he will automatically think he has done something wrong. Despite this, Miao is a very dependable friend, once you get past his awkwardness and sensitivity. Despite not being the bravest stallion, or the strongest, he will always be there for you.

In no way is Minty a leader of any sorts, with maybe the exception of his animal friends! He has a very passive personality and is also very humble. Despite this, Miao is a very gentle stallion with never a bad word to say about anyone! Being an animal lover, he is also very nurturing, though this doesn’t help him with the younger generation of his own kind – he finds foals too hyper and excitable! Miao is very old fashioned in a way. He is very polite, always holding the door open for someone else, greeting with a slight dip of his head, and of course a compliment goes a long way in his books!

Mint Miao loves games that test his intelligence. Being the inventor of his own pet food, he is quite smart, and he loves pursuits of chess with his friends, and other games! Miao also has a slight touch of OCD, and hates a messy environment. His store is always immaculately presented – especially for a pet shop!

Likes: Animals, Japanese Styles, Chess, Collections, Tracking, Local Wildlife, Flowers, Trees, Green & Brown, Raw Foods, Scientific Journals, Inventing, Chemicals
Dislikes: Clutter, Young, Excitable Foals, Unorganised Shelves, Winter, His Awkwardness, Sports, Horror Stories, Math
Hobbies: Cooking, Hiking, Reading, Collecting, Chess 

Mint Miao was born and raised in the bustling, nightlife city of Neighjing. His parents were two very high class business ponies, who only wanted the best for their only son. Mint Miao was raised to enjoy intellectual pursuits that would aid him when he was to become a successful business stallion like his parents. Whilst Miao enjoyed some of these hobbies like chess, he loathed others like math!

Minty wasn’t the most popular foal in school and was even bullied sometimes by the other kids. When his parents noticed this, they decided to get him a companion, something he could care for and learn from, and of course something with intelligence. A dog seemed like the best option, but with the families busy schedule it wasn’t to be. Minty’s parents took him out of the city one day to a small little pet store away from the hustle and bustle. It was there Miao met his best friend. Whilst all of the animals were amazing and how he wanted to keep them all, there was one that stood out above the rest. A beautiful white and yellow Cockatoo. It was love at first sight, and it wasn’t long until his new friend was perched alongside him in his room. The new member of the family was named Stu.

Things were getting better for the young colt now he had his best friend. But it wasn’t long until poor Stu became ill, and started to refuse his food. Miao was heartbroken to say the least, he thought he was going to lose his best friend! Not even the vet knew what was wrong! Miao decided to try everything to save his feathered friend, and all of those lessons his parents taught him came in handy. Miao knew the most important thing was to get him eating quickly, so Miao came up with a combination of his friend’s most favourite treats in the whole of Equestria, and combined them into a small pellet that he hoped his friend would eat. Upon presentation of this new food, Stu turned away, disgusted, but after much debate, the Cockatoo finally gave in a ate a single pellet. The bird’s eyes lit up and he continued wolf down another 3 helpings of Miao’s homemade food. It was in that moment Mint Miao received his cutie mark and realised his calling.

Mint Miao began to make his special pet foods from his room, and began selling them to other pet owners. It wasn’t long until his foods grew popular, but Miao wanted a simpler life than the busy city. So he packed up his bags, said a tearful goodbye to his parents, and him and Stu moved to the small town of Dappleton, where he continued to set up his own pet store, selling his products and the occasional pet too!


  • Mint Miao really despises maths! But thanks to his parents pushing he is now very good at it, and it helps him with coming up with new formulas for his pet food, though this doesn’t mean he likes it anymore!
  • Miao’s magic is quite limited. He never went to magic school so only knows basic magic and when it comes to his trade.

Link to Character Catalog: 
Coming Soon!


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